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cumulustoyhouse 300x198 CumulusCumulus is a Seattle based band headed up by musical phenom, Alexandra Niedzialkowski.  I say phenom, because music is first and everything else seems to be second for her.  Erik Walters, frontman of The Globes, who also produced her recent album says, “He has never met anyone quite like Alex; she is an amazing musician.”  According to her bandcamp site, she humbly states, “My name is Alexandra. I write songs because I love to sing, and the guitar seems to be the best way to organize and process my thoughts.”  This pretty much sums up her honesty and that is very evident through her song writing.  She can sum up a feeling or an experience so completely through her music and immediately puts the audience at ease like she’s entertaining you in her living room.  She is a gracious hostess and I know you will love her as much as we do over at Catapult Music.  Check out her radio single Little Ghost, along with the rest of her music here.

Seattle Weekly likes Cumulus too.  Check out this great article about Alex and her band, Cumulus.

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