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164076 10150119412607806 672967805 7744621 3086468 n FeetMikey Beswetherick, John O’Connor, Cynthia Chiou, and
Spencer Miller are the band whom you can call Feet.  They call Seattle home and are ready to bring their danceable pop sound on up the the North Sound and lay it down.  They are this years’ EMP Sound Off! 3rd place winner and contain members from past Sound Off! bands.  Two of whom have already played Catapult Fest (what’s up Spencer and Mikey.)

EMP Sound Off! had this to say about Feet, “A wealth of unconventional song structure and jazz influences, this Seattle quartet blends twangy acoustic guitar, raw vocals and poetic lyrics with utterly danceable tunes and create a sound that is quintessentially Northwest. With songs like “Lucky Charms” and “Couch Surf Nation”, members of Feet demonstrate that their striding into the spotlight is no accident.”

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